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Bisconni Cocomo

Bisconni Cocomo

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Remember the joy of biting into a delicious Cocomo biscuit back in Pakistan? Each Cocomo is filled with rich, creamy chocolate inside a crisp shell, making it a favorite for kids and adults alike. This beloved snack is not just a treat; it's a trip down memory lane.

For those far from home, Cocomo brings back the taste of childhood, school breaks, and fun times with friends. It's more than just a biscuit—it's a little piece of Pakistan that you can enjoy wherever you are.

Perfect for your tea breaks, study sessions, or simply when you miss home, Cocomo biscuits are here to bring a smile to your face. Relive the nostalgia, share the joy, and keep the sweet memories alive with every bite.

Why You'll Love Cocomo:

  • Taste of Home: Bring back the flavors you grew up with.
  • Fun and Delicious: Chocolate-filled biscuits that everyone enjoys.
  • Perfect for Any Time: Great for snacks, tea breaks, and sharing with friends.

Bring home a pack of Cocomo today and enjoy a delightful connection to your past and culture.

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Properly packaged good communication

Muhammad Abu Bakar

Fast delivery

Abubakar Amjad

Speedy delivery well packed


Authentic product.